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Day: September 10, 2017

How to book the best Goa holiday

How to book the best Goa holiday

You can book the most divine Goan holiday in just a few steps – we show you how.

Most people like to take casual, slightly inexpensive holidays to Goa. But there are those that want to have complete luxury and every comfort under the sun when they visit the sunshine State of Goa. If you belong to the latter category and are currently thinking of booking a holiday to Goa this year, this is how you can go about it –

1 Set the date. Start by finalising your arrival and departure dates. If you are planning to visit during the tourist season, you will need to book early so as to avoid last minute hassle over non-availability of rooms. If you are looking to visit during the off-season, then the monsoon season is best – even luxury resorts in Goa slash their room rates during the season, and you will have no problem finding great accommodation because of lower demand.

2 Call the hotel directly. Most people are tempted to get their bookings done via travel aggregators, who have pre-designed packages for flight tickets, hotels and inner city travel[1]. While these may be beneficial in their own way, it is always better to touch base with … Travel More