Here’s Why You Should Be Excited for Your Trip to Delhi from Mumbai

Here’s Why You Should Be Excited for Your Trip to Delhi from Mumbai

One of the easiest ways to visit New Delhi from Mumbai is via flights. And there are a host of Mumbai to New Delhi flights which operate on a regular basis. However, to book the best of all the Mumbai to New Delhi flights, you need to find the best flight booking portal.

After you have selected the most suitable of all the Mumbai to New Delhi flights, and you are done with your flight booking process, the next step is to plan an interesting itinerary for an amazing trip to New Delhi. Though, New Delhi is a common place, and many people visit Delhi almost on a regular basis for work or studies, but you would be glad to know that Delhi has a lot in store for the travelers as well. Here are some of the most uniquely interesting places to visit and things to do in New Delhi:

  • Capture the moments at Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen kiBaoli, located in the heart of the city, is a fascinating historical step well. Itis located in the midst of the hustle bustle of the busy Connaught Place, and is quickly gaining a lot of popularity. People who wish to experience something extraordinarily unique in Delhi, must visit this intriguing place. A 14th century old edifice, it was made to preserve water and offer a resting place to the travelers of that era. History lovers are surely going to fall in love for this place. Though, being a Mumbai you may think that visiting Elephanta Caves is enough for the history lover in you, then you must know that Agrasen kiBaoli has something very different in store for you. So, while booking your Mumbai to New Delhi flights, make sure that you add Agrasen kiBaoli in your itinerary.

  • Experience the life of potters

You would be surprised to know that the crowded lanes ofUttam Nagar lies the biggest potter’s colony which is named as theKumhar Gram. With more than 600 potter families enjoying the art of pottery, the area is perfect for a visit if you want to experience the life of the potters. Some of the potters who reside here are national award winners, and you would be surprised to see their magnificent work. Also, you will get an opportunity to get home some exciting gifts for your loved ones.

Though, many of us already know about many interesting places to see in Delhi like the Red Fort, India Gate, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Lotus Temple, Birla Mandir, Qutub Minaretc., but you will be delighted to know that Delhi has a lot more for the travelers. In fact, even the street food of Delhi is nothing short of delight. So, while booking your Mumbai to New Delhi cheap domestic flights, prepare yourself for an interesting and unique trip to the capital of the country.

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